At Diamonds By Dawn, LLC, we offer many services for watch owners:


  • Complementary watch battery replacement, for your convenience.
  • We carry a full range of replacement watch straps for ladies' and men's watches.
  • Watch band adjustment of precious gold, silver and  steel bands.
  • Professional cleaning and polishing of metal watch straps to restore finish.


  • Custom design work 
    • CAD(Computer-Aided Drafting)
  • Cash-for-Gold charity events
  • Insurance appraisal for documentation or estate purposes
  • Free Inverness ear piercing available
    • with purchase of premium Inverness products
  • Laser engraving or traditional hand engraving

Jewelry Repair

With proper care and maintenance, your jewelry will reward you with a lifetime of enjoyment. At Diamonds by Dawn, LLC, a GIA- trained Graduate Bench Jeweler will provide you with a full range of jewelry repair, refinishing and restoration services.

Our most popular jewelry repair services are showcased below.

Please visit our location for a complimentary cleaning and evaluation of your jewelry.

* Cleaning and Machine Polishing

* Ring Sizing 

* Stone tightening and replacing 

* Necklace and Bracelet Repair

* Pearl and Bead Restringing

* Rhodium Plating, to add a bright white finish